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Name: Fafnir
Gender: Male
Species: Dragon
Occupation: Destroyer of Dimensions
Abilities: Ultimate Powers
Debut: Original
Voice Actor: None


No one knows about the origins of Fafnir. What is known however is that Fafnir is feared for destroying several dimensions. Fafnir was sealed away in an alternate netherworld somewhere, halting his terror for a while. But when Dr. Wily accidently merged the Touhou and the Capcom universes, Fafnir broke free of his prison and now seeks to add the Touhou and Capcom universes to his list of destroyed dimensions.  

Boss Info: After defeating the Wily and Tenshi machine, you will finally fight Fafnir. Fafnir starts off in his first form, which is just a basic dragon. After this form is defeated, Fafnir then turns into his Skeleton form, which has a lot of health, but his attacks are not as powerful. Afterwards, he turns into his ghost form. His moves are powerful here (Even one is a one hit KO) but he has low health.

Fafnir intro quotes:

*Ryu: I've looked forward to meeting you, Fafnir...

Fafnir: Grr….(This is the end of your journey, warrior...)

*Chun Li: You are finished, Fafnir!

Fafnir: Rawr! (Your bravado will not save you from death!)

*Guile: My sonic boom will cut you down to size!

Fafnir: Grr… (It’s time you met your friend, Guile.)

*Juri: Mmm...I wonder if reptiles are edible...

Fafnir: Rawr! (Spoiled little girl! I’ll send you to your parents!)

*M. Bison:  Now watch the full extent of my power, Fafnir!

Fafnir: Grr… (Bison, Psycho Power is nothing to my might...)

*Sakura: I will beat you, Fafnir! For the fate of everyone else!

Fafnir: Grr…. (So Young, So naïve….)

*Akuma: Finally! A true challenge!

Fafnir: Rawr! (Release all your power, Akuma! You still can’t defeat me!)

*Morrigan: Wow, none of the dragons at the castle were this cute….

Fafnir: Grr…. (Your temptations won’t work on me, Succubus.)

*Felicia: Oh no! You look scary!

Fafnir: Grr… (You’re cute. Time to die!)

*Hsein-Ko: You’re no Jedah!

Fafnir: Grrr…. (I outrank him.)

*B.B. Hood: Oh goodie! I’ve never killed a dragon before!

Fafnir: Rawr! (And you won’t! I’m going to send you to hell!)

*Demitri: I’ve battled Jedah and Pyron. You don’t even rate.

Fafnir: Grr… (Ignorance is bliss, Maximoff.)

*Jon Talbain: This nightmare will come to an end!

Fafnir: Grr… (Your nightmare has only begun.)

*Megaman: For world peace, I will defeat you!

Fafnir: Rawr! (Your fighting days are over, Blue Bomber!)

*Roll: Don't get mad at me...I'm just a little girl.

Fafnir: Grr…. (You shall be the first to die, little one!)

*Tron: I wonder how much dragon bones are worth these days….

Fafnir: Grrr...(And I wonder how you taste.)

*Bass: I'm not losing to some bloated iguana.

Fafnir: Rawr! (Bloated iguana?! That's it!)

*Zero: Target sighted. Preparing to slay the beast!

Fafnir: Grrr… (This prey shall be your last, hunter.)

*Dante: So…I have to fight a giant lizard now?

Fafnir: Grr…. (I shall strike you down, demon hunter….)

*Vergil: You call yourself a dragon? That's mildly amusing.

Fafnir: Grrr… (Then let me show you why there are legends of me.)

*Trish: You're not ensnaring this damsel.

Fafnir: Grr…. (Then how about I devour you, instead?)

*Chris: I found a new BOW.

Fafnir: Grr….(I am not created by you pathetic humans!)

*Jill: I survived Nemesis. You are nothing!

Fafnir: Rawr! (I am the destroyer of dimensions! You don’t stand a chance!)

*Wesker: You shall make a nice servant for me….

Fafnir: Grr…. (On the contrary Wesker, it is you that shall serve me.)

*Viewtiful Joe: Beware Fafnir! I am Joe! Viewtiful Joe!

Fafnir: Grr…(Late for the costume party, little child?)

*Amaterasu: Awwroo!

Fafnir: Rawr! (Orochi is nothing compared to me!)

*Arthur: I shall slay you, dragon!

Fafnir: Rawr! (Just try to slay me, Knight!)

*Captain Commando: This ends here, Fafnir!

Fafnir: Grr…(Your comeback shall be short-lived, Captain.)

*Frank West: I'm not sure anyone will believe this scoop….

Fafnir: Grr…. (That's because you won't live to report it.)

*Soki: You're definitely no dragon.

Fafnir: Rawr! (Then how about I prove you wrong!)

*Phoenix Wright: Give up your life of crime!

Fafnir: ? (Is this some sort of joke?)

*Ruby Heart: You're the threat I've been seeking. Now is the time for me to take action!

Fafnir: Grr… (This will be your end, Miss Heart….)

*Strider Hiryu: …..

Fafnir: Grr….(Nothing to say? A silent scream will suffice...)

*Asura: I'll rip those wings off your arrogant hide!

Fafnir: Rawr! (Let's see you try, Destructor!)

*Saki: I’ve taken on several threats worse than you!

Fafnir: Grr…..(Really? Quite the foolish one….)

*Gene: Another day, another scum bag to slay.

Fafnir: Grr… (You'll need more than the godhand to slay me!)

*Batsu: My friends will help me out here!

Fafnir: Rawr! (You friends will only add more corpses to my slaughter!)

*Hayato: Sword slays dragon, punk.

Fafnir: Grrr… (A laser katana doesn't really come to mind when the concept is brought up.)

*Jin: I must defeat you for the good of the world!

Fafnir: Grr… (Without your little robot, you are nothing, Jin.)

*Dr. Wily: I'll be sure to remodel you!

*Fafnir: Rawr! (How about I remodel you into my lunch!)

*Shantae: I will defeat you for Scuttle town!

Fafnir: Grr…(I’ll make you wish you were full genie!)

*Reimu: I will resolve this incident!

Fafnir: Grr…. (This will be the last incident you resolve, Shrine Maiden.)

*Marisa: Magic will send you back, you overgrown lizard!

Fafnir: Grr… (Do you really think your parlor tricks will work on the destroyer of dimensions?)

*Sakuya: Hmm, I wonder if Ojou-sama has eaten lizard before?

*Fafnir: Grrr…. (Learn to live with disappointments, maid.)

*Sanae: In the name of Moriya Shrine, I shall end your evil!

Fafnir: Grrr… (Hmph. Foolish girl.)

*Remilia: Hmmm. I could use a pet.

Fafnir: Rawr! (I'm nobody's pet!)

*Meiling: If I can hold back Taisui Xingjun, I can beat you!

Fafnir: Grr…. (You do realize that was all in your head?)

*Flandre: Will Onee-chan let me keep him?

Fafnir: Rawr! (Keep your hands away, filthy vampire child!)

*Cirno: Now you will know I'm the strongest!

Fafnir: Rawr! (You will always be the weakest of the weak!)

*Youmu: I'll turn you into a five-course meal for Yuyuko-sama!

Fafnir: Grr… (Then draw your blade, woman.)

*Utsuho: Your flames are no match for my nuclear fusion!

Fafnir: Grr…. (Merely the words of an artificial god.)

*Alice: My dolls will be enough for you.

Fafnir: Grr… (Enough for an appetizer.)

*Aya: Ohh goody! This’ll be my best story yet!

Fafnir: Grr… (You tengu are an annoying breed….)

*Reisen: Nothing the Lunar Defense Corps can't handle.

Fafnir: Grr… (There's nothing on the moon quite like me.)

*Yukari: Will you at least make this fun?

Fafnir: Grr… (That's my line, woman.)

*Suika: Wrestling dragons will be like icing on the cake!

Fafnir: Grr… (Go home, girl. You're drunk.)

*Patchouli: You're gonna pay for burning the library!

Fafnir: Grr… (You needed to get out more, anyway.)

*Yuyuko: Oh goody! I’ve never eaten a dragon before!

Fafnir: ?! (What is wrong with you?! )

*Komachi: You just love making my job harder, don't you?

Fafnir: Grr… (Not my fault you can't change careers.)

*Iku: I thought all dragons were good!

Fafnir: Grr… (Well, you thought wrong.)

*Keine: Your myths are my history.

Fafnir: Grr.. (And history shall tell of your fall at my claws.)

*Mokou: My flames ain't losing to your garlic breath.

Fafnir: Rawr! (I'll show you garlic breath!)

*Nitori: Lots of modern technology can kill dragons these days.

Fafnir: Grr… (Get ready to see your theories fail.)

*Ichirin: May Unzen's righteous fists vanquish this western devil!

Fafnir: Grr…. (There's no western devil quite like me.)

*Byakuren: I hope to show you the error of your ways.

Fafnir: Grr.. (The last guy who tried that was digested in my stomach.)

*Futo: Thou shall meet thine doom.

Fafnir: Grrr…. (I hate Shakespeare.)

*Miko: Buddy, you're gonna be fried on a stick.

Fafnir: Grr… (Not if I fry you first.)

*Koishi: Mmm...

Fafnir: Grrr… (You're weird.)

*Mamizou: We creatures will never serve you!

Fafnir: Grr….(Then you will perish!)

*Kokoro: This is the face of determination.

Fafnir: Grrr…. (A lot of good that will do you.)

*Rumia: Bet you can't see in the dark!

Fafnir: Grr… (You lost that bet.)

*Momiji: By my shield and sword, I shall vanquish you!

Fafnir: Grr… (I'm getting really sick of this stereotype.)

*Mima: You'll do better as my servant of evil.

Fafnir: Grr… (You've already failed as a master.)

*Shinki: Come back to the netherworld, where you belong.

Fafnir: Rawr! (No! It's too cramped in there!)

*Wriggle: Let's see if my poisonous insects have any effect on you.

Fafnir: Grr… (That obviously never worked before.)

*Yuuka: This is for burning my flowers!

Fafnir: Grrr… (Sorry. It's in my nature, like eating you.)

*Mystia: Music shall soothe the savage beast~

Fafnir: Grr… (Your songs only give me headaches!)

*Shikieki: This one crime is has a high punishment.

Fafnir: Grr… (Then bring judgment, if you can.)

*Kaguya: I'm not a princess you wanna capture.

Fafnir: Grr… (Then I'll have my fun roasting you.)

*Kagerou: I don't date cold-blooded things.

Fafnir: Grr… (Furry wench.)

*Tenshi: Well, you served your purpose.

Fafnir: Grr…. (And you outlived yours.)

*Iesua: Michel has defeated dragons before!

Fafnir: Rawr! (Those dragons weren’t me!)

Attacks (first form):

*Fire Breath: Fafnir breaths fire on you.

*Fire Ball rain: Fafnir spits fire balls in the air and they will rain down on you.


*Loud Roar: Fafnir roars loudly, creating a wind. It does no damage, but it’ll push you further away.

*Tail spike: Fafnir sticks his tail in the ground and it comes out from under you.

Victory Outro: Fafnir flies upwards and roars.

Defeat Outro: Fafnir falls down to the ground in defeat.

Skeleton form intro: Fafnir’s body glows and he appears in his skeleton form as he rises and roars.

Attacks (skeleton form):


*Fire Breath

*Fire Ball Rain

*Tresure Chest Shake: Fafnir will try to drop a treasure chest on you and if it hits, he’ll trap you in it and shake it, doing damage.

*Fall Apart: Jumping in the air, Fafnir will come apart, his body parts falling. Once the attack is done, he is vulnerable for a while.

Victory Outro: Fafnir rises and roars.

Defeat outro: Fafnir’s body falls apart.

Ghost form intro: Fafnir’s bones glow and his ghost comes out and laughs evilly.

Attacks (ghost form):

*Whirlwind: Fafnir draws his hand back and releases a whirlwind that is as tall as the screen, but no more.

*Electric Ball: Fafnir brings his hand up to later throw a large ball of lightning.

* Hyper Laser: Fafnir shoots out lasers from all of his fingers.

*Double Laser: Fafnir fires lasers from both hands. Sadly, you have no choice but to block this as this move fills the entire screen and can instantly kill if unblocked.

* Final Smash: Though this move is rarely performed, this move is unavoidable and will instantly K.O. a character, even in full health. In order to prevent this move from succeeding, you must inflict as much damage and hits to Fafnir as possible to stun him out of it. This can also K.O. an assist if there is one out. Therefore, it would be incredibly unwise to use a Cross-Over Combination to try to stun him out of it, as it will decimate your entire team if it hits while the attack is used.

Victory Outro: Fafnir floats and laughs evilly.

Defeat outro: Fafnir melts and turns into a beam of light that floats away.

Win Quotes:

Rawr! (The force of my power cannot be equaled!)

Grr….( Your suffering cries are music to me.)

Rawr! (Time and space are meaningless to one such as me!)

Rawr! (Now and forever, I am Fafnir! Destroyer of dimensions!)


(Various places in both the Touhou and Capcom universe are seen set aflame. Fanir (In his first form regardless of which form beats you) flies above the Hakurei border.)

Fafnir: Grrr….. (Two more dimensions fall to me….)

(He sees the real world.)

Fafnir: Grr…(Ah, the real world. I’ve always hungered for this realm.) Rawr! (It shall now belong to me!)

The “Big Bad” for this game, Fafnir the destroyer of dimensions.


Fun Fact, He started off as an idea for a Darkstalkers OC with a different backstory.


And no, those models are not final designs. Their just ideas for what Fafnir’s forms would look like.







Skeleton: :iconvalforwing:




Hands (Actually models of Master Hand and Crazy Hand): :iconkeemrap:

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